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Community? Check

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A bad ass community of students and providers united to drive positive change in healthcare? Check

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Our Foundational CALU Mentorship is a must take.

Formerly the Level Up Mentorship, this 4 month mentorship will set an INCREDIBLE foundation of values to drive a fulfilling and meaningful career (+ some killer additions from Clinical Athlete). Known in the industry as being a must take for students and newer clinicians. Grow your mindset, critical thinking skills, communication, ExRx, and network.

Both free and paid options for this mentorship! (Free is rolling throughout year, paid runs 1x/year)

Ready for more? CALU + is for you.

High Level Clinical Discussions.

Bi-Monthly group mentor calls.

And endless recourse guides to help get up to speed with any and all relevant MSK topics.

If you are a student or clinician looking for a rich learning environment, this if for you

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Ok. I am serious about investing in becoming a transformative clinician and landing a dream job or starting my own business.

The CALU Alt Rez was created as a solution to provide other professional development for new clinicians beyond traditional residencies. Residencies can be a fantastic option for some people, but ultimately, they are extremely competitive, expensive, and some might not align with your vision of clinical practice. People also do residencies for the connections. Our CALU Alt Rezidents are all offered direct connection with our network of mission driven business owners to help them land an amazing job opportunity.

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Are you someone looking for an epic weekend of learning, networking, and growing? Our Annual CALU Summit is the culmination of lessons learned over the year, guided by leaders in the field and surrounded by the most passionate and engaged community in the industry. 

We will be announcing the 2022 Line Up and opening up sales in February. Learn more about our pre sale options below!